Vertical Balers

Product Information

We have continually modified and improved our range of vertical balers to produce quality equipment that works in all modern applications.

Efficient balers help our customers reduce their waste and handling costs while increasing their revenue from baled materials. With the increasing costs of labour and transport, it’s essential that balers have minimal operative requirements. Our range produce maximum bale densities to ensure full payloads.

Our vertical balers are renowned for their robust construction and simple, easy to use controls. They have large wide loading openings, bale full warning lights and automatic press plate return.

The range of balers are built for quality, both in finish and operation. Over 15,000 vertical balers have been supplied throughout Europe, giving a healthy return to customers in many industries.

Each machine is built to CE Standards and is certified for both safety and low noise levels.

New European Safety Standard – EN16500

In spring 2015 a new European safety standard for vertical balers was released. It is called EN16500 and prescribes a very high safety level for all essential functions of the baler.

This video explains what effect the new safety regulations of EN16500 have on the everyday life of a baler operator:

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Case Study

Vertical balers are an efficient way of compacting waste ready to be recycled. The images below show BT’s premises before and after we installed vertical balers. BT now saves time and labour, and cardboard recycling is much easier.

Key Features

  • Low noise levels
  • High density bales
  • Easy accessible baler twine
  • Bale-full warning light