Divert waste from landfill, reduce your carbon footprint and save money with waste backhauling.


What is Waste Backhauling?

Also known as reverse logistics, waste backhauling is a way for multi-branch organisations to increase sustainability and maximise their revenue. Backhauling involves taking waste materials from branches back to a central point, where it can be sorted and sold as recyclables to earn you money. Backhauling has the huge advantages of minimising waste to landfill – often achieving zero to landfill – and reducing your carbon footprint.


Benefits of Backhauling

Waste backhauling has many advantages, including:

  • Substantial savings – most multi-branch companies or retail chains make 7-figure savings
  • Achieve zero to landfill of general waste
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Maximum profit from recyclables
  • Increase retail and storage space at stores
  • Brilliant PR for your company
  • Increase overall company profits
  • Reduce fire hazards at stores
  • Save time dealing with waste


Keeping Backhaul Simple

We manage the whole process, including technical and operational issues. Our professional team take care of all logistics, from when waste leaves your site to when it arrives at the distribution centre for sorting.

You don’t need to worry about vermin control, hygiene or ergonomic loading. We work with some of the biggest companies in the UK to help them earn money by backhauling their waste.

Every company operates differently, so we provide a bespoke plan that works around you. The majority of companies have efficient logistic networks in place, and waste backhaul takes advantage of these. It takes into consideration your current handling methods, central distribution centre, satellite depots and stores to provide an efficient solution that fits seamlessly with your current operations.

“A vehicle taking just polystyrene to landfill would cost up to £300 a trip and it would take ten trips, if all the polystyrene was in the same place, to dispose of the total weekly volume of waste from all of our client’s stores. Now we are avoiding landfill and are saving a considerable amount of money each week!”

-Waste Care


Meeting your Environmental Commitments

Waste backhaul helps organisations take a huge step forward in their environmental commitments. Many of our customers are increasingly seeking to divert as much waste away from landfill as possible, and in many cases waste backhaul helps them achieve zero to landfill. Using existing logistic networks efficiently means you can reduce carbon emissions and meet sustainability targets.


Let Greenbank look after the logistics of backhauling and you’ll soon see the financial benefits.

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