Offensive Waste Compactors

Leaking Compactor?

  • Does your compactor leak waste?
  • Does your compactor smell in the summer?
  • Do you have vermin issues?
  • Would you prefer a cleaner waste handing environment?

Greenbank’s offensive waste compactors make waste handling more hygienic and vermin free. Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you, or to arrange a site visit to discuss your situation.

Waste Backhaul

  • Do you find the backhaul of waste from your stores or shops difficult?
  • Are the vehicles too full?
  • Does backhaul for you seem impossible?

Greenbank is the backhaul specialist. Contact us to discuss your current situation or arrange a meeting to assess the viability of alternative methods that may make waste backhaul easy and pay for your company.

Labour intensive waste handling

  • Does your team spend too much time handling waste?
  • Could time handling waste be utilised handling valuable products at your company?
  • Are you interested in making waste handling more efficient in your workplace?

Contact us to discuss your situation or to arrange a meeting where we can accurately assess your situation and make quality recommendations of alternative methods to reduce the cost of handling waste at your workplace.

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