Efficient waste management systems

Smart Waste Management

Make your waste management more efficient and you’ll make huge savings on money and staff resource. Greenbank works to make waste management more effective for you. We provide efficient waste disposal products, reliable collections and bespoke solutions for any industry. We offer waste recycling options, a choice of service plans and comprehensive information systems. Our waste management products are designed to work for you: making waste more compact, reducing the number of collections needed and saving you money – not to mention being more environmentally friendly.

You can benefit from our waste management systems in many ways:

  • High capacity machines that compact waste more effectively
  • Fewer collections needed, saving you money
  • Recycle more products
  • Less time and resource spent dealing with waste and arranging collections
  • No money spent maintaining ageing machinery
  • Online information system to track your waste data
  • Weighing system allows tenants to be invoiced individually

Waste costs are like icebergs

– It’s what’s under the surface that does the damage.

At Greenbank we reduce the cost of waste management by making it more efficient. We work to find the best solutions for your company. We identify where we can make improvements and make operations more efficient. We then help you implement a long term waste management plan that saves you staff time and money. By making your waste management more efficient, you can reduce your waste iceberg and save money on your bottom line.

Bespoke waste management products that work for you

We’re your behind the scenes support when it comes to waste management. Our team provide advice and guidance on the most efficient waste management products for your business. There’s no such thing as a one fits all solution when it comes to waste removal. Our advisors work with you to provide the equipment that works best for your company.

We offer purpose built and modified waste disposal products that fit with your workspace. Your waste management products should work around you, saving you time and resource.

We have maintenance plans to suit any business, with a network of Britannia Safe Contractor Approved engineers throughout the UK. Our Pulse Assurance information system provides real time tracking of your collections and waste data. We even offer CBizz, a unique system that tracks tenants͛ waste by weight, for accurate individual invoicing.

Our specialists will visit and assess your site so that we can provide equipment that makes your waste disposal as efficient, clean and safe as possible.

Turn waste into revenue

Efficient waste management means much more than better machinery. Introducing more efficient waste management systems will free up staff time and increase productivity. Logistics managers can trust that their collections will be on schedule, and no staff time is lost dealing with inefficient systems.

You can create more space on site by using our compact range of waste disposal products. We have the latest technology that takes care of your waste without taking up more space than necessary.

We even advise you on waste recycling so you can be assured no resource is wasted.

Waste management to help you work smarter

Ageing waste disposal machinery can be costly to maintain. Upgrading sooner is a much more economical long term solution. Greenbank works closely with its clients to upgrade to products that are right for them, offering cost effective solutions that minimise downtime and maximise profitability.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your waste management equipment. Greenbank provides remanufactured equipment, and even offers its customers a buy-back scheme so you can replace older equipment with modern, more efficient systems with minimal outlay.

Our systems offer the latest technology so you can be sure you’re getting the most efficient equipment available.