Galvanised Balers

Product Information

The perfect solution for demanding or wet environments

Greenbank has developed a range of galvanised balers especially designed for wet or demanding environments.

The X25 Galvanised balers are very suitable for applications where there are no special hygienic requirements for stainless material, but where demands on surface treatment are so severe that an ordinary painted baler would have a very short lifetime.

Galvanised balers can also be placed outside and our unique range of X-series galvanised balers have been designed to withstand anything the weather throws at them.

Hot-dip galvanised according to DS/EN 1461:2009.

New European Safety Standard – EN16500

In spring 2015 a new European safety standard for vertical balers was released. It is called EN16500 and prescribes a very high safety level for all essential functions of the baler.

This video explains what effect the new safety regulations of EN16500 have on the everyday life of a baler operator:

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Key Features

  • Easy installation – Very low overall height
  • Safe and steady opening of door – Operated by a strong threaded spindle
  • Noiseless – Due to a unique hydraulic system
  • Completely sealed – with drainage
  • Liquid retention