Frequently Asked Questions

Waste management costs too much

We work closely with customers to make waste management cost effective, and save money on their bottom line. We look at customers’ current waste management processes and advise where money can be saved. We do this in many ways, for example making sure machinery is working efficiently. Equipment in good working order will handle more waste, meaning fewer collections are required. And fewer collections mean less money spent.

We don’t have enough space for waste management machinery

Modern machinery is more compact than ever. We sell a range of equipment that can take the same capacity loads without taking up the space that older machinery does. For customers with very limited floor space, we also offer space saving equipment. Whatever space you have available, we can provide suitable options to make it work for you.

Our waste management company is fine, why should we change?

Many companies we speak to have a waste provider who collects their waste, and they don’t hear from them much from unless there’s an issue. For many companies that’s good enough. But we offer more than waste disposal products and services; we provide a complete service that integrates with our clients’ companies and continually finds ways to improve and streamline their operations. We work with you to achieve your aims – whether they be streamlining processes, reducing costs or being greener. To many of our customers we’re an extra department, only without the cost of having us in-house.

Waste management takes too much effort and staff time

It’s a common concern that waste management takes up a lot of staff time, but in reality the opposite is true. When you have a defined process and the right equipment, it actually saves staff time. We help to establish a suitable process that works for you. Products like bin lift systems make tasks easier, and the process of using them is so straightforward there is little room for error. With our advice, we not only make recycling easy, but free up time so staff can be more productive.

I run a business park/shopping centre and I can’t invoice all tenants fairly

Many facilities have tenants who produce different levels of waste. We offer C’Bizz, a system that allows you to measure each tenant’s waste usage, and invoice them accordingly. Each user has their own key, and the system intelligently weighs their waste and feeds information back to you. You can then invoice tenants depending on how much waste they actually produce. We have implemented C’Bizz in many places and our clients are impressed at how it makes life easier for them – and makes their tenants happier.

Our staff don’t care about recycling

Sometimes it can be difficult to get staff buy-in. We train your staff on how to use the machines, and we find this gives them pride in using the equipment. They feel valued and invested in because they have had training and are confident in what they are doing.

I need to reduce my carbon footprint

Efficient machinery compacts waste better and reduces the number of collections needed. It also reduces your carbon footprint. Partly because the machines themselves are more energy efficient, but mostly because when fewer collections are required, there are less trucks on the road producing emissions. If your business is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, speak to us about how we can help you work smarter.