Drum Crusher

Product Information

The Greenbank range of drum and can crushers are strongly built, easy to use machines that meet all CE regulations and safety standards. Greenbank’s aim is to supply value for money equipment to provide the best results for our clients.

The range of drum and can crushers includes our manually operated Eezesqueeze Can Crusher, which is built by ourselves and extends to the large GB220L Hydraulic Crusher for 45 Gallon Drums.

The Eezesqueeze is hydraulic and is operated manually. This machine is designed to fit on a workstation and is a low cost solution for crushing 5 litre tins.

The surface treatment is hot galvanization, making the bag press resistant in aggressive environments.

The TP2 is a very practical pneumatic press for steel containers of up to 30 litres. This machine is delivered ready for operation from a compressed air supply. Waste volume is reduced by up to 90%.

The SB-4 is an inexpensive, and high powered hydraulic machine allowing the crushing of cans of up to 33 litres.

The DP16 hydraulic drum crusher is designed to crush steel drums of up to 220 litres. The crusher is equipped with drum piercing spikes and a liquid collection tray. There is also an ‘explosion proof’ version of this model – contact us for details.

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