CONNECT Operations

Intelligent monitoring system

CONNECT Operations keeps an eye on operational status, allowing you to make faster and better decisions while reducing your operational costs.

Operations offers you an intelligent fleet monitoring solution to help you make the most of your equipment. With this intelligent monitoring system, you get valuable access to data from your waste handling equipment and can monitor and optimise the operation of your entire fleet.

CONNECT Operations
connect operations

Working for your business

Operations keeps an eye on your equipment and lets
you check:

  • Location of equipment
  • Status of machines
  • Number of bales made including date and time
  • Fill levels
  • Output documentation including Compactor full warning data

How does CONNECT Operations work?

  1. You can purchase new waste handling equipment with CONNECT Operations installed. Alternatively, we can add an Operations box to your existing machinery.
  2. CONNECT Operations offers standard and premium levels of service. See the brochure for full details of what each includes.

Could CONNECT Operations work for you?