CONNECT Invoicing

Easy and fair invoicing for multiple tenants

CONNECT Invoicing is an intelligent weighing and invoicing system. It allows individual invoicing of waste volumes and is designed for use where several tenants share waste facilities, including shopping centres, airports and city centres.

Differentiated waste volumes in places with multiple tenants often make it difficult for the administrator to ensure correct invoicing per tenant. Often, the individual tenant spends a lot of time on waste handling on a daily basis due to large distances and the risk that the container has been picked up for emptying.

CONNECT Invoicing uses an online a weighing system to send the administrator documented data on individual tenant’s waste volumes from a system verified for invoicing. The tenant has access to their own data, allowing them to optimise their internal waste handling and keep focus on core business.

How does CONNECT Invoicing work?

  1. The tenant can see online if the container is available, as well as their own records and volumes on their personal waste site.
  2. The user brings waste to the compactor. Each tenant has an ID card, which grants access to the compactor. Waste volumes are registered individually and data is automatically registered on the user’s own personal waste site, along with their waste history and invoices.
  3. The administrator has online access to all tenants͛ waste data. The Invoicing system creates either a monthly invoice to the individual tenants or handles online bank/credit card payment.
  4. Greenbank receives an automatic SMS or email when the compactor is full, and uses an ID-card to register disconnection and return of the compactor.
  5. Greenbank has online access to data of volumes, transport time, etc. and uses this data to optimise collections.

How does Invoicing’s weighing system benefit users?

Management Benefits:

  • Online access to user data, volumes and invoicing, etc.
  • Verified data for accurate individual invoicing
  • Improved logistics with detailed transport info and collection schedules
  • Satisfied tenants from proper allocation and invoicing actual waste volumes
  • Various reports can be generated instantly

Tenant/user benefits:

  • Time savings – online data shows usage, allowing them to improving efficiency
  • No wasted trips to the compactor and waste disposal point – alerts are sent by SMS and email when the compactor is picked up or in service mode
  • Individual invoicing of actual waste volumes for accurate payments
  • Monitoring users – there is individual and registered access for each user
  • Online overview of waste data and accounts

Could CONNECT Invoicing work for you?