CONNECT Intelligence

Real time information system

CONNECT Intelligence is designed to work with your machinery to increase efficiency. The software can be integrated with your compactor or baler, and gives real time feedback of vital statistics. Intelligence works for you in many ways:

  • Track the number of bales produced, working hours and other details
  • View the compactor service status
  • See info on skip full levels
  • Receive instant alerts in the event of a breakdown
  • Receive an SMS or email when a bale is ready to be tied off/finished
  • Automatically alert your recycler when the right number of bales are ready for collection

The software is integrated with your compactor or baler and set up to give you the specific information you need. Messages can be sent to your operations team by email, SMS or fax.

Benefits of CONNECT Intelligence

CONNECT Intelligence works for companies in virtually any industry. The system has many benefits, including:

  • Maximise compactor payloads
  • Minimise transport costs
  • No lost time – issues can be dealt with as they arise
  • Arrange waste collections as soon as you need to
  • Set alerts that suit your business needs
  • Instant feedback via email, SMS or fax
  • Increase profitability

CONNECT Intelligence can be installed on both new and existing onsite equipment, and no extra power is required.